Monday, December 24, 2012

How School Students can be Successful in their Practical Life?

How School Students can be Successful in their Practical Life?
Your specialization and success depends on your competencies, if you want to change your profession or specialization you need to change your competencies related to it.   Different students have different interest areas, which can easily be explored at the stage of childhood or teenage group.  It is really important to consider their interest areas and school level teaching should be based on their interest groups.  It can be done strategically, if institutions would start creating clusters even at school level and provide them their required information.  You would only learn those practices, which you are interested into and you would never learn or seek the information that you are not interested into.  Institutions need to practice the empathy process by first seeking to understand the interest areas of students then institutions can claim that now they can assure their success in real or practical life. 
If you are searching for the interest areas of the students you can do it by various means, such as, guest lectures, exposures visits, tours, psychological testing, physical testing, and many more.  This would help you in proper need assessment of the students at grass root level.  If this is not done properly, so it is far sure that students would be dimensionless with spending their efforts at wrong direction with misfit resources.   Altogether, institutional head needs to restructure their strategies for creation of best learning environment, where students would be transferring their learning into practices in practical life. 
Expressing the traditional approach which is being followed by institutions and parents of school students, I would be confident enough to say that we have two mind set approach, one would lead us to die poor and other rich.  Now, let’s take a look of dying poor approach, which guild school students to, learn every subject properly, practice every theory into reality, get good grades or marks, be punctual, be restricted to the prescribed schedule and you would get good job in the end.  On the other hand, dying rich approach, which guild the school students to, practice what you are good into, focus what you like the most, don’t be afraid of the situations because you would get support if you are at the right direction, and many more.   I see that majority of our institution and parents follow the first approach, due to which still we are fail enough to calculate the success rate of school students in real life.  Such pathetic results have mostly lead most of the countries even in developing state or underdeveloped state. 
Why we have developed one frame for each student in the school, where as we do believe that all are different.  Let’s work at the creativity and innovation of the school students.  Every individual born in this work is creative, but afraid of practicing them into reality because we have blocked their innovations and practices at the school level. 
If you really feel confident to develop the students in real life, you need to work of restructuring of our mind set with our strategies, would be bring the result that we are expecting.  By trusting one’s competencies, no doubt we would be coming up with the smashing success at the real life by school students.